Hurricane Irma Aftermath Community Outreach

In 2010, BP spewed 4 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico causing the cancellation of a $3,925,000 contract for the USMSI to begin an ecological project that included deploying artificial reefs in the Gulf of Mexico off the southwestern coast of Florida.
It as been 7 years since the disaster and nearly 4 years since the USMSI filed our loss with the Deep Water Horizon Claims Administrator. We are still waiting for fair compensation. We have had to file for a re-review which will now take even longer, as our programs and staff run on nearly empty budgets. Click on the picture or go to  "Our Story" to see more details!

The USMSI offers a wide array of marine environment safety and educational programs for boating and personal watercraft safety. They also volunteer services to safeguard those on the water.

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USMSI is an all volunteer organization and does not receive any Federal, State or Local funding. It relies completely on the generous giving of the community it serves. Your tax deductible gift is greatly appreciated!

The USMSI has a host of experts who can handle all phases of artificial reefs from design, engineering, permitting, construction, deployment, and post-deployment monitoring tasks.

SEAL Boats, USA is a truly unsinkable craft deemed the safest boat in the world.  The USMSI is using this craft in youth & veteran training programs. Purchase of this company is on hold awaiting compensation from BP.

Four years and still waiting.....

 United States Marine Safety Institute

United States Marine Safety Institute

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Cdr. Scott Steele and crew were standing by in the early morning hours following Hurricane Irma blowing through our area in southwest Florida, ready and willing to reach out to neighbors and community members. They aided multiple area law enforcement agencies clearing roadways so that emergency crews could access area neighborhoods.

One neighbor had the following to say -

      " Thank you USMSI for helping me clear my drive and street of the several trees that fell during Hurricane Irma. I couldn't have done it myself, and am so appreciative you happened by, willing to help!"

Just out doing what we do best, serving our communities!!!

" Under the "Force Majeure" Clause of this Grant Agreement, we must permanently cancel the funding provided in this Grant Agreement due to the current and unresolved British Petroleum Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico where our project with you was to be developed.

At the time of this letter, the BP Oil Spill rages on and according to the experienced scientists on our Board of Directors, they have placed a stop on environmental projects in the Gulf of Mexico."

Funding Cancellation Letter

22, May, 2010

Help sponsor the generation of puppies at the National Academy for Search and Rescue!

Welcome to the U.S. Marine Safety Institute, a website dedicated to the betterment of our marine environment and to the support of United States Search and Rescue and to SAR teams all over the world. It is the purpose of this website to educate the public as to what we do to improve our effectiveness during states of emergency.

The USMSI is an established public 501c3 public not for profit organization based in Florida.We host a wide variety of marine environment safety and education programs. We also are proud to be associated with SEAL Boats, USA, the safest boats in the world.

Improving our marine environment through action and education

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