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United States Marine Safety Institute

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The United States Marine Safety Institute (USMSI) is the Non-Profit branch of the United States Search and Rescue Special Operations Group, International (USSARSOG). The USMSI is the country's most trusted canine behavioral consultant and Search & Rescue organization with over 30 years in the canine behavioral modification and SAR training field.

Many have found themselves at their wits end having gone through several trainers, wasting precious time and money. They have also suffered untold levels of frustration, anger and even fear due to their inability to control their dog's behavior, even with the help of "trainers".

The USMSI’s service is simply a straightforward, relentlessly pragmatic and enlightened approach to what REALLY works in the K-9 SAR training field.

Caroline Hebard was born on June 20, 1944, in Santiago, Chile. The daughter of a British diplomat, Caroline grew up in four continents and became fluent in six languages.
Her spirit of volunteerism shaped both her life and her career. Best known for her work with search and rescue, Caroline was the Co-founder of the U.S. Disaster Response Team and was internationally recognized for earthquake rescue missions in Mexico, Armenia, Japan and Turkey. She also participated with her canine partners in rescue and recovery operations involving bridge collapses, floods, fires, and lost persons in wilderness environments. 
She and her dogs also participated in search and rescue operations in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing and the September 11 World Trade Center attack.

Hebard received various honors for her work and is the subject of a book, So That Others May Live: Carolyn Hebard and Her Search-and-Rescue Dogs which she co-wrote.
Caroline passed away October 22, 2007 after a heroic battle with cancer.  

Caroline lived her life with determination, independence and courage and we appreciate her contributions to the USMSI.

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