United States Marine Safety Institute

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United States Marine Safety Institute

A Florida Public 501c3 Non Profit Organization

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U. S. Marine Safety Institute (USMSI) and the Special Operation Division of U.S. Search and Rescue (USSAR), established in 1976, is a not-for-profit emergency and disaster response team and educational organization. The USMSI provides training in a wide variety of emergency and disaster related skill areas essential in the mitigation of major accidents and disasters.

Our vessels are used for rescue operations, demonstrations, promotions, training, wildlife and environmental research, and our professional and community educational programs.

The USMSI continues to develop marine education programs, conduct research, and  encourage and promote an ethic in critical marine safety issues, improving water quality, restoring coastal habitats and promoting and teaching general marine water safety and responsible vessel operation.

Check out our pages for more in depth information about the many programs the USMSI has to offer their local communities.

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USMSI is an all volunteer organization and does not receive any Federal, State or Local funding. It relies completely on the generous giving of the community it serves. Your tax deductible gift is greatly appreciated!