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Captain William Jennings

Learn more -- check out the Power Boating Academy website at https://powerboatingacademy.com

Here are the on water topics you will learn--in varying degrees of detail--depending on the course you choose: 

Understanding your boat; Engine & electrical systems; Starting procedures; Leaving and returning to a dock/slip; Securing your boat; ties and spring lines; Close-quarters maneuvers; Anchoring and mooring; VHF radio communications; Person in Water and boat emergency procedures; Emergency signals; Day markers and system codes; Steering in a range in/out; Use of bearings and GPS; Use of cruising systems:  galley, fresh water, holding tanks, generator; Determine position and plotting on a chart; Navigating to GPS waypoints; Maintaining DR plot with time/speed/distance calculations; Lighted aids to navigation; Navigation lights of vessel traffic; Navigating at night--all with memory tips to help make it easier.

Boater Education and Ocean Rescue for First Responders

Professionals love us.

While our courses are aimed at pleasure boaters like you, we have trained many professionals, such as these firemen, so they can be most efficiently handle their on water activities.

Personal Watercraft Rescue for First Responders



This course is dedicated to all water rescue and marine patrol professionals who make our waterways a safer and more environmentally friendly place for everyone.

This course covers the following:

 Personal Watercraft Terminology
 Personal Watercraft Safety and Education

 Basic Boating Education and Terminology
 International and Inland Navigational Rules –

 Rules of the Road
 USSAR Rules and Regulations
 Personal Watercraft Operations
 Personal Watercraft Rescue Terminology
 Personal Watercraft Rescue Techniques

Learn on your own vessel or ours

Whether you are a new boater or a seasoned pro - - the USMSI offers boat-driving and personal watercraft operating courses that are guaranteed to improve your skills and confidence. Enjoy a fun day on the water, while learning from our certified professionals.

We are proud to offer many different on-water driving courses; each one tailored to match specific needs and situations. All are conducted by our experienced professionals. You do the driving!! Boaters of all ages and skill levels use our courses to make boating fun and safe. Our professional instructors have each been providing exceptional courses since 2001.

                           Scott Steele: Cdr., Executive Officer USSARSOG /USMSI, Lead Instructor

                           William Jennings: Captain, Instructor, Founder & CEO of Power Boating Academy

                       Mark Rotharmel:  10 racing championships, Hall of Fame inductee, celebrity speaker.
                       Dave Bodner: Captain, corporate pilot, and on-the-water instructor.                               
                       Rob Watson: Captain, Marine Engineer, and on-the-water instructor.                              

Call Scott Steele at 941.204.4970 or Bill Jennings at 239.898.2219  to book a course or for more information. Registration is simple:

                   1) Select a course. 2) Pick a day that works for you 3. Call us and book


                             Note:  At the end of each course you will receive a "Certificate of Completion" 


Whatever your situation is, we have a program for:

* New boaters who want to be sure they are learning the correct and safest way to drive -- for maximum pleasure.
Seasoned boater, but want your family to learn to drive properly and safely.
An old boating pro who simply wants to stay current by refreshing your driving technique -- or perhaps you have    a new boat.

* Youth instruction with special teaching aids targeted to students 11 to 16.
* New personal watercraft owner and want to insure it is operated safely and effectively

Whatever your situation, a USMSI course is the answer!  Check our website https://powerboatingacademy.com

Learn docking, anchoring, tying lines, etc

Cdr. Scott Steele,  Executive Officer