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Educational Programs

From the office of Karen Netzel, ED

“The past 2 pandemic school years have been exceptionally
challenging. Students were forced to navigate the majority of an
entire year and a half worth of school virtually and parents were
pressed into the service of overseeing that their children participated
and understood their class work daily. Many retired and inactive
educators were called upon to assist students across the country as
tutors and homeschool liaisons, a service much needed but not highly
organized. And not all students were afforded the luxury of a personal

The USMSI is a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide area
students with supplemental tutoring services so they can get back on
their academic pace in all subject areas, but especially English and
math. One on one or small group tutoring during the summer and/or
after school will enable students to effectively participate in regular in-
class schedules and regain lost progress due to the pandemic
interference in education. Having a local organization organize the
needed volunteers and pair them up with students in academic need,
regardless of their economic status would address a critical need in
many childrens’ academic progress.”

 United States Marine Safety Institute