United States Marine Safety Institute

Improving our marine environment through action & education

United States Marine Safety Institute

A Florida Public 501c3 Non Profit Organization

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We Need Your Support

Due to the loss of our environmental restoration project contract in 2010, the USMSI is in a critical state. We are challenged with raising funds to replace essential vehicles and vessels that have been returned to manufacturers on government loaner programs. Repairs to the On-Water Response Station are also in dire need, such as dock and roof repairs. But even more critical are the educational programs the USMSI provides for the local at risk teens and veterans.

Our goal is to provide continuing education and workforce development programs which we hope will create economic opportunity for our communities underserved youth, providing them with skills that will enhance and work force or future life quest.

We are an all volunteer group which is funded solely by donations and grants. We are not affiliated with any law enforcement or governmental agency. We provide a needed public service that provides valuable assistance to the general public on the water.

Your donation dollars would go a long way in allowing us to get back to what we do best...protect and educate. 

Your support may be given in several ways:

* click the button below and make your donation

* checks or money orders can be sent to our response station at

    2507 Riverview Blvd., Bradenton, Fl 34207

Also look at our Circle of 100 Program for further support of USMSI

Your donation is 100% tax deductible and very much appreciated! Thank you!!!